Despite the implication of this domain name, this site is totally opposed to the now defunct (as was inevitable)  justbeenpaid/JSS-Tripler ponzi scheme.

Click HERE for a definition of a ponzi scheme and where it gains the name.


When I first ventured online, I quite naively exposed myself to the justbeenpaid/JSS Tripler Ponzi Scheme and a few others. However, only this one attracted any significant cash from myself. I was fortunate. I ‘broke even’. Unfortunately, all but one of my recruited members replied to or considered my warnings to them.

Once I finally understood the true nature of this system, I was very unhappy with my role in providing access to my downline members. It is not a position I will ever put myself in again!

Please Read More on this.. HERE

Diverging from the typical online malaise mentioned above… do YOU actually want to DEVELOP a worthwhile business online ? .. or are YOU here to add to, or help to sustain, the malady of ponzis and HYIP crud available? I would hope not.

I have posted a brief article at APSense regarding this, please do read it ; I believe it is a light hearted way to look at an all to common way that fraudsters steal from the uneducated hopefuls online.

Please do have a read HERE . is dedicated to sites which do, and will continue to, pay myself  & other active marketers online, ongoing earnings while providing eminently valuable products and services.

While the potential benefits associated with the immense power of Network Marketing are present within the framework of my online business; at no stage will I ever state, or suggest, that there is no work required.

My business model is simple.

It may not be EASY to achieve, but it is SIMPLE !

Please continue below,

as I move on to where I

Work steadily to get paid!


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My personal focus is upon bitcoin.

Mining bitcoin in the Cloud is earning me steadily increasing amounts of daily bitcoin as I leverage up my earnings into more mining resources.

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No more chasing..

No more ecstatic hope!

.. nope

..  just sorta doin’ what works :)


..a site dedicated to exposing the reality versus the hype

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